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Unobstructed access to the vehicle’s undercarriage. Optional ramps or flush-mount design. Miniscule footprint. Optional arm adapters. The P-9000LT is suitable for more light trucks and SUVs, and whether you choose the extended approach ramps or flush-mount option, lifting low-stance vehicles is a cinch for this lift.


Surface and flush-mount options: Converting the flush-mount P-9000LTF into a floor model is as simple as attaching the extended approach ramps. These heavy-duty ramps are extended farther and slope very gradually, so low ground-clearance vehicles never rub against them.


Pneumatic lock release: Air locks provide a safe, instant release that efficiently permits the lowering of vehicles. A single button push is all it takes to disengage the locks and completely lower the lift.


Low-profile design: At just 4” high when fully lowered, the P-9000LT is one of the most space-effective models ever made. When flush-mounted, its profile virtually disappears completely.


Solid rubber lift blocks: These rugged blocks protect vehicle undercarriages and chassis. They’re made to take as much use and abuse as your work requires.


Choose flush-mount: The P-9000LTF pit lift mounts flush against the concrete. If you don’t want to see the car lift, or you simply need it out of the way in your busy garage, the ramps are completely detachable. That means if you change your mind, you can easily convert your P-9000LT into a P-9000LTF at any time.




   -Lifting capacity:

      9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg)


   -Lifting Height:

      24” (610 mm)


   -Lifting Height + Block:

      27” (686 mm)


   -Overall Lift Platform Length:

      58.5” (1,484 mm)


   -Overall Lift Platform Width:

      24” (610 mm)


   -Overall Length:

      124.6” (3,165 mm)


   -Lowered Height:

      4" (102 mm)


   -Speed of rise:

      55 seconds


   -Standard motor:

      1.5 HP / 208-230 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph


   -Shipping weight:

      1,502-lbs. (681 kg)


   -Shipping dimensions:

      77'' x 60'' x 24'' (1,966 cm x 1,534 mm x 609 mm)





  • 9,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Reinforced parallel lifting arms to better support inboard loading
  • Reinforced upper lift platform to better support inboard loading
  • Dual-pump power unit with built in proportioning valve
  • Easily convert fast-lube pits into wheel service work bays
  • Mounts outside the pit rail without interfering with center work area
  • Model P-9000LTF flush-mount model provides recessed drive-over option
  • Heavy duty 1.5 HP electric-hydraulic power unit
  • Electronic push-button controls allow smooth, single-hand operation
  • Automatic multi-position safety locks with air release deliver safe, remote operation
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Durable rubber-topped pad surface and rubber lift blocks provide quick set-up
  • Enhanced adjustable (optional) lifting arms


WARNING: cancer and reproductive harm -

Bendpak P-9000LT

SKU: 5175133
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