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The PL-6000DC dual-column parking lift is designed to accommodate a wide array of vehicles including SUVs, sedans, and sports cars. It offers the perfect combination for both long-term and short-term parking. The PL-6000DC was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of real estate developers, architects, engineers, automotive dealers, and commercial parking operators. The PL-6000DC can be installed inside a typical 8-foot parking space and accommodate most cars and light trucks. They operate in both indoor and outdoor locations.


Low Operating Cost: Platform driven by gravity when lowered. No electric motor consumption is required.


Ganged/Shared Columns: The posts can be shared which allows multiple installations in minimum space and reduces cost.


Dependable Hydraulic Operation: The PL-6000DC features dual telescoping direct-drive cylinders eliminating the need for lifting chains or screw mechanisms and offer better reliability, smoother operation and less maintenance costs.


Automatic Safety Device: Powerful load-holding devices automatically engage and lock the lift structure as the parking lift raises, preventing sudden free fall in the unlikely event of a suspension component failure.


Safety Features:

  • Mechanical safety locks are spaced every 4 inches
  • 24v operator controls and lock release
  • Electric protection for power overload or improper voltage
  • Automatic locking system during power outage
  • Emergency stop button
  • Upper limit switch
  • Pressure relief valve and pressure compensated flow control valve to ensure safe operation and level lifting
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders feature a single-piece, pilot fitted, machined steel piston, wrapped with specially designed, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands to virtually eliminate fluid bypass





   -Overall Height:

      131” (3,327.4mm)


   -Overall Length:

      148.25” (3,766 mm)


   -Overall Width:

      100.25” (2,547 mm)


   -Lifting Height:

      82.5” (2,100 mm)


   -Usable Platform Width:

      82.5” (2,100 mm)


   -Electrical Required:

      220-420V, 1 or 3 Phase , 50/60Hz


   -Control Power:



   -Lock Release:

      Electric auto release


   -Power Pack:

      2.2kw hydraulic power pump


   -Lifting / Lowering Time:

      50 / 45 sec.





  • Ganged column design allows multiple installations in minimum space
  • Commercial grade design and construction
  • Galvanized and corrugated anti-slip platform
  • Freestanding design when ganged two or wide
  • Overhead power unit provides smooth quiet hydraulic operation
  • Designed for installation on typical parking surfaces
  • Platform can be stopped at different heights to fit various vehicles and ceiling heights
  • Full width channel-locked center panels protect lower vehicle
  • Wide deck platform accommodates pickups, vans and cars.
  • Dual direct-drive hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic safety lock combined with anti-fall device hold platform securely
  • Maintenance free composite carriage bearings
  • Electric key switch for security and safety
  • Automatic shut-off when operator releases key switch
  • Manual lock release available in case electricity failure (OPTIONAL)
  • Hydraulic overloading protection


WARNING: cancer and reproductive harm -


Bendpak PL-6000DC

SKU: 5175427
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