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Add or remove ramps at your leisure: Converting your low-rise lift to a flush-mount design is now easier than ever. The approach ramps have slotted receivers and simply drop into place and are easily removed by pulling upward for rapid disconnect from the frames.


Stronger lift from a collapsed position: The MDS-6LP has a pivoting “kicker” mechanism that helps lift low ground-clearance vehicles. The kicker is like having booster rockets for the first six inches of upward movement.


Four hydraulic cylinders: Your low-rise lift is no wimp. Four super-powerful hydraulic cylinders with a proprietary flow divider ensure the separate platforms remain level and efficient at all times.


Solid-steel safety lock bars: As the platforms rise, locks automatically engage at several heights. This safety feature ensures more versatile positions to work from and increased safety as the platforms rise. For your safety, hydraulics are not engaged when the safety arms rest on the mechanical locks. Once the lift moves, hydraulic pressure resumes.


Convenient stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders: Air cylinders replace spring releases on the MDS-6LP mid-rise lift. They make sure the locks release at the same time as the lift descends. Each cylinder need to be pressurized with a 50 PSI, 10-CFM air source at the time of installation.


A push-button safety lock release system: Releasing the mechanical lock system is as easy as pressing a button. The locks deactivate instantly and the lift lowers completely in seconds flat.


Hinge-point features Zerk grease fittings: Zerk grease fittings are self-lubricating and long-lasting. They require minimal maintenance to ensure your car lift lasts for years without trouble.


Durable, cushioned rubber contact blocks: BendPak rubber blocks are tough, super-durable, and will last for years without issues.


Three locking positions: The MDS-6LP reaches a comfortable 44.5” of rise with the lift blocks in place. More lock positions in a mid-rise lift makes it easier to manage your work. If you just need to get the wheels a few inches off the ground, use one of the lower settings. If you want to scoot under more comfortably, raise the lift to the top lock position, the choice is yours!


Choose flush-mount: If you’re looking to flush-mount your lift in the floor for a smooth sub-surface installation, be sure to choose the MDS‐6LPF flush-mount mid-rise lift. It features all the same features of the MDS-6LP but is more ideal if you want your lift to collapse perfectly parallel with your flooring.


NOTE: The lift platform and contact blocks allow lifting of most unibody and frame contact undercarriages at recommended manufacturer pick‐up points on most vehicles. Be sure to compare your vehicle specifications, including ground clearance and overall height, with the specifications shown before you purchase.





   -Fully Lowered:

      5" (127 mm)


   -1st Lock:

      21" (533 mm)


   -2nd Lock:

      32" (813 mm)


   -3rd Lock:

      38.75" (984 mm)


   -Full Rise:

      44" (1,118 mm)


   -Lifting capacity:

      6,000 lbs. (2,722 kg)


   -Lifting height:

      44" (1,118 mm)


   -Lifting height + blocks:

      46" (1,168 mm)


   -Lift platform dimensions:

      19" x 67" (484 mm x 1,701 mm)


   -Width between platforms:

      40" to 46" (1,018 mm to 1,168 mm)


   -Overall width:



   -Overall length:

      92.6" (2,351 mm)


   -Lowered height:

      5" (127 mm)


   -Lifting time:

      35 seconds



      208-230 VAC / 60 Hz / 1 Ph


   -Shipping weight:

      1,620-lbs. (735 kg)


   -Shipping dimensions:

      70'' x 67'' x 23'' (1,778 mm x 1,701 mm x 597 mm)




  • Each lift platform features four solid steel-scissor frame support bars.
  • A push‐button safety lock release system is operated away from the lift allows operators to safely deactivate the locks without the need to push or pull cumbersome release bars or lock release handles
  • Comes standard with four durable cushioned‐rubber contact blocks, permitting fast vehicle setup


WARNING: cancer and reproductive harm -

Bendpak MDS-6LP

SKU: 5175226
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