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Bendpak MD-6XP 6,000-lb. capacity mid-rise scissor lift is designed to fit nicely into narrower bays and won’t take up much of your precious floor space. Thanks to its small footprint, even shops that don’t suffer from small work areas will benefit from its ability to be placed just about anywhere without getting in the way. This state-of-the-art scissor lift comes well-equipped with adjustable arm assemblies and an all-important multi-position safety lock bar to give your lifting jobs the dynamic flexibility necessary for the best possible result. Easily and reliably adjust your lift to any secure position.


Features a portable power unit and cart, so wherever you need to work is where the MD-6XP will be And since it is designed specifically to engage a vehicle’s frame, the lift offersa seamless lifting experience.


Solid steel-frame support bars: Four support bars make the MD-6XP the strongest mid-rise lift in its class. Easily and safely perform wheel and brake service while finding easy access to your vehicle’s suspension. An ideal lift to quickly raise vehicles and work on most components or even detailing vehicles at a more comfortable height.


Dual master hydraulic cylinder: A hydraulic cylinder with a built-in flow divider ensures a safe, even rise and descent with every use. This ensures a equal balance of pressure to prevent vehicle tipping and ensure weight is evenly applied across the lift platform.


Powerful safety lock bars: Safety arms engage automatically during ascent, a crucial safety feature that essentially makes lift failure impossible. The safety arms are over-engineered to withstand worst-case emergency situations. Even if you lose complete hydraulic fluid pressure due to a leak or hose rupture, mechanical safety locks ensure the platform won’t budge an inch.


Convenient stainless-steel pneumatic cylinders: Rather than fit the MD-6XP with bulkier spring releases, we’ve installed lighter air cylinders that simultaneously release the safety locks during descent with a simple push of a button. (NOTE: Requires min. 50 PSI, 10-CFM air source at time of installation.) The cylinders are easy to maintain and provide an absolutely safe and controlled descent with each use.


Hinge-point features Zerk grease fittings: Zerk fittings feed lubrication at critical wear areas, which is essential for the longevity of your lift.


Durable, cushioned rubber contact blocks: Durable rubber blocks come standard with this car lift. They’re not like the rubber blocks and flimsy rubber pads you’re accustomed to seeing: these blocks are robust, textured for better hold and safe to use on virtually every vehicle type.





   -Lifting capacity:

      6,000 lbs. (2,724 kg)


   -Lifting height without adapters:

      47" (1,194 mm)


   -Lowered height:

      4.75" (121 mm)


   -Lifting time:


      45 sec




      110 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1Ph


   -Shipping weight:

      962-lbs. (436 kg)


   -Shipping dimensions:

      82" x 44" x 20" (2,082 mm x 1,117 mm x 508 mm)





  • 6,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Perfect for servicing light-duty trucks and cars
  • Portable motor cart serves as tow handle to easily move lift from bay to bay
  • Adjustable arm assemblies
  • Safety lock bar with multiple lock positions
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Truck adapters included free of charge



WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm -

Bendpak MD-6XP

SKU: 5175730
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