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Experience Quick Lift USA's Heavy-Duty 12,000lb Four Post Lift designed to handle the toughest tasks. These lifts redefine the meaning of strength, durability, and performance. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a dedicated enthusiast, our lifts are your ultimate tool for taking your garage to new heights.


Unmatched Power: These Heavy-Duty lifts are built to handle the heaviest loads, boasting an impressive 12,000lb lifting capacity. No matter the vehicle, our lifts rise to the challenge with ease.


Precision Engineering: Powered by a 220V electric/hydraulic system, this lift offers seamless and reliable operation. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to efficient, precision lifting.


Modern Aesthetics: These lifts don a sleek modern design with a sophisticated Grey/Black multi-stage powder coating. Not only do they perform flawlessly, but they also make a statement in your garage.


Anti-Sway Stability: The smooth sliding blocks on all four posts ensure stability and prevent swaying during lifting and lowering. Your safety and peace of mind are our priorities.


Built to Endure: Full diamond-plated heavy-duty ramps and runways provide the utmost strength for heavy vehicles. Our lifts are engineered to stand the test of time.


Premium Construction: A steel tank, rather than plastic, speaks to the durability of the lifts. These lifts are designed to outlast and outperform, making them a reliable investment.


Organized Efficiency: Drip trays and a convenient tool tray come standard, keeping your workspace clean and organized. Every detail is designed for your convenience.


Whether you're maintaining a fleet of vehicles or working on your personal projects, rev up your garage with Quick Lift USA's Heavy-Duty 12,000lb Four Post Lifts and embrace a new era of automotive lifting.


1yr Manufacturer Warranty on defects

QuickLift USA HD FOUR POST 12,000LB

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