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Tired of cluttered spaces and misplaced tools? Say hello to organization and efficiency with Quick Lift USA's top-of-the-line garage cabinets! Designed to elevate your garage's functionality while adding a touch of style, unlock the Potential of Your Garage with Quick Lift USA's Premium Garage Cabinets!


Maximize Space: The innovative Quick Lift USA garage cabinets are expertly crafted to make the most of every inch of your garage. From heavy-duty shelves for power tools to specialized compartments for sports gear, there's a place for everything.


Durability Meets Elegance: Built to withstand the rigors of your garage environment, Quick Lift USA's cabinets don't just offer durability – they're also a stylish addition to your space. Choose from two designs with finishes that effortlessly complement your garage's aesthetic.


Tailored for You: Every garage is unique, and that's why Quick Lift USA offers two cabinet configurations to suit your specific needs. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a sports aficionado, or simply seeking order, we have the perfect cabinet setup for you.


Easy Installation: Worried about the installation process? Fret not! Quick Lift USA's garage cabinets are designed for hassle-free installation, with step-by-step instructions that turn setup into a satisfying, do-it-yourself project.




15 feet 7in long   x   24in wide  x    6 feet 7in tall


This model includes:

-5 upper wall hanging cabinets

-1 big locker with four inner shelves

-1 big locker with one inner shelf and one hanging bar

-2 fix cabinets - 4 drawer

-2 storage cabinet with two doors

-1 drawer trolley with 4 drawers

Includes 1 set- Peg Board hanging kit + light bars


QuickLift USA Garage Cabinets | Model 1

$2,999.99 Regular Price
$2,500.00Sale Price
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