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10,000 LB.


Overall Height

135 7/8" (11’ 3 7/8”) or 139 7/8” (11’ 7 7/8”) – (CYLINDER EXTENDS TO 12’ 4”)


Overall Floor Width

139" (11’ 7”) Asymmetric/137 1/2” (11’ 5 1/2”) Symmetric


Outside Column to Outside Column

130" (10’ 10") Asymmetric/129 1/4” (10’ 9 1/4") Symmetric


Maximum Lift Height (Without Adapters)

72 1/2"


Maximum Lift Height (With Adapters)

81 1/2"


Minimum Arm Height



Inside Column

107 3/4” (8’ 11 3/4”) Asymmetric/ 112 1/2" (9’ 4 1/2") Symmetric


Drive Thru

91” Asymmetric/99 1/2” Symmetric


Column Size

7" x 10 1/4"


Column Thickness of Steel



Base Of Lift

15" x 18"


Motor/Electrical Requirement

220 volt single (1) phase.
A 30 amp breaker is recommended


Oil Requirement

3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46 (NOT INCLUDED)


Shipping Weight

1,850 LBS.


Adapter Heights

4 Each 3”, 6”


Arm Hole/Adapter Peg Size




Requires a minimum of 4" of concrete with a 3000 psi. rating




  • ALI Certified Lift
  • 10,0000 lb. Capacity
  • Column design with special Double “S” bends increasing column strength
  • Can be installed Symmetrically OR Asymmetrically
  • Overall Height: 135 7/8″ (11′ 3 7/8″) or 139 7/8″ (11′ 7 7/8″) (Cylinder Height 12′ 4″)
  • Padded Carriages
  • 3-Stage Front Arms & 2-Stage Rear Arms
  • Single-Point Lock Release
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Includes Double Screw-up Adapters
  • Free 8 Piece Truck Adapter Set
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Standard with Premium ALLY Powerunit
  • Shipping Weight: 1,850 lbs.
  • 5 yr Structural – 2 yr Hydraulic – 2 yr Powerunit Warranty



The Atlas® Platinum PVL10 is a 2-post 10,000 lb. capacity ALI Certified commercial grade lift designed with the professional shop in mind. The Platinum PVL10 was engineered and built to offer a commercial grade above ground lift to those customers who have “fallen in love” with the reliability offered by the Double S column design and symmetric columns. Tens of thousands of above ground lifts incorporating the Double S column design have been sold worldwide over the past two decades. The Double S column design was so revolutionary, that it was protected by a patent. That patent has now expired. 

The Atlas® Platinum PVL10 can be installed with the columns positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically. When the columns are installed in an asymmetric configuration exiting and entering the vehicle is easier and reduces the chance or getting dings or scratches in the door. When the columns are installed in a symmetric configuration the width between the columns is wider, allowing wider trucks and SUVs to use the lifts with ease.  Both column configurations offer easy vehicle access and superior vehicle lift point support due to the three stage front arm design.

The Atlas® Platinum PVL10 features three (3) stage telescoping front arms, double screw rubber/metal adapters with truck height extensions, protective rubber pads mounted to the carriage, rubber column guards, and a price that cannot be matched.

This product also features an ALLY Hydraulic AL2850 Power Unit. This premium power unit is certified by MET Laboratories Inc. for electrical compliance in the United States and Canada. Extra heavy-duty armatures and more motor windings with increased silver metal included in the wires and connections create far less heat generation and allow ALLY Hydraulic power units to maintain constant torque through the lifting process. This power unit also carries an industry leading two-year limited warranty.

Atlas Platinum PVL-10 ALI Certified

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