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The Atlas® large truck adapter set is needed to properly mount wheels with larger than normal center holes. The standard cone adapter set (included with all Atlas® wheel balancers) will accommodate wheels with center holes of about 4 ¾ inches in diameter. Many steel wheels found on ¾ and 1 ton pick up trucks have larger center holes.

The Atlas® balancers can easily handle the weight of these wheel assemblies, BUT the wheel must be mounted properly on the wheel balancer with the correct sized cone. If the center hole of the wheel is over 4 ¾ inches, then the operator MUST use a large truck adapter kit to properly mount the wheel assembly on the computer wheel balancer’s shaft.

The Atlas® large truck adapter set comes complete with a large steel cone, and a spacer. Most larger pick up wheels are a BUDD design wheel which means that the majority of the tire is positioned toward the inside of the rims. The spacer included with the Atlas® large truck adapter kit is used to “push” the wheel away from the machine, so that the rubber tire does not contact the balancer when the assembly is spinning.

Atlas Large Truck Adapter Set (40mm Shafts)

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