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The Atlas 7K Kwik Bay is a free standing 7,000 lb. capacity portable scissor lift. The perfect lift for Commercial Quick Service Bays and wheel service specialists that need extra lifting height. This portable lift easily raises a 7,000 lb. car or truck to a comfortable working height and does not require the customer to position arms under the lifting points of the car. The vehicle is driven over the scissor ramps and the operator simply positions the heavy duty rubber block assemblies under the correct lifting points. The operation is very quick and the chance for any damage to the underside of the car is minimal. The large “foot print” of the Kwik Bay creates a steady platform for any raised vehicle. The lift has a lifting height of over 39” and remains rock solid at all safety lock positions.


The unique open middle of the Atlas 7K Kwik Bay allows access to many areas on the underside of the car that are not easily accessible with other portable mid-rise lifts employing a full superstructure. The approach ramps lock into a horizontal position to extend the runway platform length by an additional 10¼” on each end (effective lifting surface is expanded from 57½” to 78”). The dual power cylinders and the solid safety lock bars make the 7K Kwik Bay one of the most versatile and easy to use scissor mid-rise lifts sold.


As with any scissor lift that is completely open (no cross support bar in the front or rear to keep the platforms level), the operator must make sure that the vehicle’s frame is positioned at least 6 inches from the inside of the platform. If too much weight is positioned near the edges of the platform (closer than 6 inches from the inside edges), the platforms may become “pigeon toed” and damage may occur. We sell the Atlas® scissor lift support bar kit for those “professional customers” who are lifting heavy vehicles with narrow frames. As with any lift designed with horizontal cylinders it is best to allow some space (2-6 inches) between the lifting surface of the lift and vehicle’s lifting points.





   -Load Capacity:

      7,000 lb.


   -Maximum Lifting Height:

      41" (3' 5") (With Rubber Blocks


   -Minimum Lifting Height:



   -Overall Dimensions:

      L 85½" (7' 1½")x W 72" (6')


   -Platform Dimensions:

      L 56" (4' 8") x W 19¼" (1' 7¼")



      14½" x 19¼"


   -Between Runways:

      33½" (2' 9½")


   -Air Requirement:

      90-120 psi


   -Motor/Electrical Requirement:

      110 Volt, 30amp breaker required



   -Shipping Weight:

      1,441 lb.





  • 7,000 lb. Capacity
  • Free Standing, Portable
  • Open Center Design
  • Commercial Grade Quality
  • Drive Over Ramps
  • Grease Zerk Fittings at Hinge Points
  • Great for Tire and Brake Work
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Lifting Blocks Included
  • Air-Operated Single Point Lock Release (External Air Supply Required)
  • 110volt Electric Operation
  • Shipping Weight: 1,441 lbs.
  • 2 Year Structural Warranty/2 Year Hydraulic Warranty



WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm -





















Atlas 7K-Kwik-Bay 7,000 lb Portable Mid-Rise Lift

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