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The Atlas 9KOH 9,000 lb. Light Duty Two Post Lift is an economy designed clear floor vehicle lift with reliable chain-drive cylinders and automatic arm restraints. With the capeability to be adjusted to two different height settings, (11' 6" or 11' 10"), this the perfect choice for the homeowner looking to service cars, SUVs and light duty trucks.


The Atlas 9KOH has symmetric columns and specially designed arms that can be set in either the symmetric or asymmetric position. The asymmetric/symmetric arm design offers an extremely low lift pad position, this low pad height will allow the operator to position the lift arms under most small cars (with low pick up points) and heavier pick up trucks.


Includes an 8 piece set of solid peg type truck adapters, mounting hardware, a set of sliding arm adapters, and a 220 volt single phase power unit that can be mounted on either side of the lift. (The power unit column must be on the correct side).






      9,000 LB.


   -Lifting Time:

      Ask Your Salesperson


   -Overall Height:

      142" (11' 10") or 138" (11' 6")


   -Overall Width:

      Wth Power Unit: 141" (11' 9") 
      Without Power Unit: 134¼" (11' 2¼")


   -Outside Column To Outside Column:

      124⅝" (10' 4⅝")


   -Maximum Lift Height:

      With Adapters: 80¼" (6' 8¼")

      Without Adapters: 74" (6' 2")


   -Padded Bar Height:

      136" (11' 4") or 132" (11')


   -Minimum Arm Height:



   -Inside Column:

      109¾" (9' 1¾")


   -Column Size:

      7¼" x 11"


   -Drive Thru:

      Arms Open: 100" (8' 4")

      Asymmetric Arm In: 90½" (7' 6½")


   -Base of Lift:

      14¼" x 18"


   -Column Thickness of Steel:



   -Carriage Thickness of Steel:



   -Arms Thickness of Steel:



   -Cable Diameter:



   -Motor/Electrical Requirement:

      220V single (1) phase.
      A 30 amp breaker is required.


   -Oil Requirement:

      3-5 Gallons AW32/AW46


   -Shipping Weight:

      1,450 LB.


Requires a minimum of 4" of concrete with 3000 psi.





  • 9,000 LB. Capacity
  • Light Commercial Grade
  • "Padded" Shut-Off Bar
  • Asymmetric/Symmetric Arms
  • Clear Floor Design
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Dual Hydraulic Chain-Drive Cylinders
  • Dual Point Lock Release
  • Secondary Lock System (SLS)
  • Free 8 Piece Truck Adapter Set
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Shipping Weight: 1,450 lbs.
  • 2 Post Secondary Lock System



WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm -

Atlas 9KOH

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